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iPad 3 Review

It wasn’t much of a surprise when Apple came out with its new iPad this spring, like the company has done every year since the initial introduction of the iPad in 2010. Many pundits and tech blogs spent weeks analyzing what Apple was likely to do, and the features we might see in the new iPad. For the most part, they turned out to be right, and the announcement was no great surprise. But once people got their hands on the device, was it all they were hoping? How does the new tablet compared with the previous iPad, or even Android tablets? Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect if you buy Apple’s new device.


The new iPad, which many call iPad 3, but Apple itself simply calls iPad, is in many ways similar to the iPad 2, its previous generation. First, the form factor itself is pretty much the same. You can expect a similar device in size and weight, along with a 9.7″ inch display. However, once you look at that display you will notice one of the major new features of the iPad 3, and that’s the increased resolution. Apple ported their “retina” display to the iPad, and gave it a 2048 x 1536 resolution, which is much higher than most devices out there. The big advantage that this gives the iPad is how everything can be more crisp and legible. Right now it’s in a league of its own when compared with most of the other tablets on the market, and a single look at it shows that. Then, the back also has a new feature, which is the 5MPx camera. Many people complained that the iPad 2 camera wasn’t good enough, and this one certainly brings that to a more acceptable level. Finally, the third major new feature is LTE support. While you won’t actually notice that by looking at it, if you buy that model and have support from your carrier, your download speeds will be much higher.

So how does the new iPad compare? Is it worth spending the money? Well first of all, the amount you will need to dish out is actually the same as the previous iPad, so that’s not too bad. Apple didn’t raise the price, they still start at $499 for the WiFi model. As for whether it’s worth switching if you have the iPad 2, that’s up to each individual person. The new display is certainly worth it if you can make use of it. If you read a lot of ebooks for example, the text will be much improved on it, and the same is true for games that were designed for it. If you take a lot of pictures with your iPad then the camera will be nice too. As for LTE support, right now the company provides both Verizon and AT&T options. Both providers have 4G rolled out in some major cities, but not everywhere, so if you don’t live where there’s coverage, that won’t give you much use.


The final verdict is hard to say. When compared with Android tablets, many tech reviews agree that the new iPad is the top of the line, and as long as the price doesn’t turn you away, then you will be hard pressed to find a better tablet. But should you upgrade if you have an iPad 2 right now? Your best bet is probably to go to an Apple Store and look at it, see if the display is enough of an improvement. If not, you may want to wait.



iPad 3 Rumors

iPad 3 Rumor

Notice the 3d icons

There has been much speculation about the new Apple iPad 3. There are numerous iPad 3 rumors floating around, and consumers are eager to know when it will be released as well as what new features might be included in this new design. The Apple iPad 3 seems to have many upgraded specs and will delight consumers of all ages.


One of the biggest iPad 3 rumors involves its release date. Initially, it was speculated that the production of iPad 3 would begin before the end of 2011. This past summer, it was rumored that Apple was delayed the launch of their new product because of a shortage of retina displays, which is one of the new possible features of the iPad 3. Just last month, panel makers started shipping panels for the new design of the iPad, suggesting that production has been under way. The rumored release date is sometime in the early spring of 2012. The U.S. will release the iPad 3 first, with the U.K. following a few days later.

iPad 3 concept

Possible new parameters of the iPad 3

iPad 3 rumors involve a great deal of upgraded features and specifications. One of the most prominent improved features involves the iPad 3 screen with higher resolution. The iPad 3 may possibly have an improved and larger screen. A 33% higher resolution screen may be one of the new features of the iPad 3. The border of the iPad 2 will be removed to incorporate this larger screen. The high resolution screen of the iPad 3 should have a 3D retina display, which is an advanced feature currently seen on the iPhone 4. This 3D retina display is one of the most highly anticipated rumored specs of the iPad 3 and will make the viewing of images and movies even more enjoyable.

Another iPad 3 rumor is the speculation of a new and improved camera. Currently, the camera on the iPad 3 is not as good as it can possibly be, and Apple is improving the camera. It will possibly be a front-facing camera and 5 megapixels or more. This improved camera is currently the same type used in the iMac and iMac Pros.

A faster and improved processor is one of the most prominent rumored features of the iPad 3. Currently, the iPad 2 has an Apple A5 processor, and it is speculated that Apple will upgrade this to an A6 processor. The iPad 3 may possibly include a specification of a larger flash storage capacity as well. The new iPad 3 may be a little thicker in design, due to its larger screen. This will add bulk to the iPad that may disappoint some consumers who like the previous smaller iPad 2. The iPad 3 may also have a slightly improved battery life, which is at least 10 hours on the current model. Overall, the rumored iPad 3 features are anticipated to be a success with customers who want the most for their money.

Where To Find The Best iPad Prices?

ipad 2

Where to find the best iPad prices?

The unbelievable price of Apple’s iPad has surprised all. Earlier, it was assumed that the price of the tablet PC would be anything between USD$700 and USD$1000. Once the device was launched, gadget lovers all over the world could not ask for anything better. This move of Apple has won the brand many loyalists and repeat customers. In fact statistical data has proved that in United Kingdom alone, there were as many as 1 million takers for this stuff in April 2010.

Best iPad Prices for you

Given below are prices of iPads that are probably the best deal you can lay your hands upon. Check them out.

In United States of America

 The cost of Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet, 16 GB Wi Fi is USD$420
 The price of Apple iPad MC349LL/A Tablet, 16 GB, Wi Fi is USD$555
 Apple iPad MC496LL/A Tablet, 32 GB Wi Fi costs USD$625
 The cost of Apple iPad Tablet, 32 GB Wi Fi is USD$519.99
 Apple iPad MC497LL/A Tablet, 64 GB Wi fi is USD$749.94
 The cost of Apple iPad MB294LL/A Tablet 64GB Wi Fi is USD$618

In United Kingdom, the best iPad prices are as follows –

 The cost of Apple iPad Tablet Wi fi 16 GB is USD$449
 Apple iPad 64 GB Wi fi +3G is USD$669
 Apple iPad 16 GB Wi fi +3G is USD$554
 The price of Apple iPad Tablet Wi fi 32 GB is USD$518
 Apple iPad Wi fi Tablet iOS4 costs USD$618.99
 The price of Apple iPad 32GBWi fi +3G costs USD$609

How to bag a good iPad price deal?

If you spend sometime in exploring the options that can help you to get a good deal on iPads, you will surely lay your hands on one. If you have an Apple dealer close by you can drop in and check out the range of iPads of varying capacity and different specifications.

If you are more comfortable in shopping online, you have even greater options. This is because there are innumerable websites on the World Wide Web where you can compare rates.

Oftentimes, you can also get discounts on iPads along with a purchase you make. A classical example of this is as follows. Let us say there are 2 companies that are involved in making the iPad available to you. One company hires the services of another company that is into iPad distribution.

According to a deal between them, the second company that distributes iPads will bring customers to the company that has hired them and in turn receive payments for making it possible to distribute these gadgets.

So, there are various other deals that most of us are not aware of. You can get the best iPad prices by smart shopping. You don’t want to buy a wrong gadget and waste your money.

Undoubtedly these Apple iPads are good buys. With their varied features and sleek design, they are surely vulnerable to gadget lovers.

Benefits of Owning an iPad

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad

There are tons of great apps you can get for your iPad. There is fun games and picture apps. You can text on your iPad and keep in touch with your family. There are so many things you will love about your iPad. You can capture videos and pictures of priceless moments. These moments can not be replayed, so don’t miss them.

Your iPad can not only keep you organized with your schedule and keep you on track with work, it can be used for personal business too.

Making sure you can stay in touch with your family and friends is very important. Keep you iPad handy and you will never have to worry again. You can send through email pictures and videos to those family members who live far away. Not only can you keep in touch you can look up recipes together and even send your loved ones family recipes too. This is a great way to stay up on the latest without having to haul around heavy equipment.

Email, twitter, facebook and so many more social networks you can access from your iPad. This is a great way to keep up on social happenings. There are so many great thing about iPads you just simply cannot name them all.

Top 10 Apps for the iPad

There are so many apps you can get for your ipad. There are some that are more popular than others.  Here are a list of the top 10 apps for you ipad.

1. IWork- this app lets you revise and export text files. This is good for spreadsheets and powerpoint.

2. Air Display-this app turns you iPad into an extra computer monitor for air display. With this app you never have to miss new twitter and facebook posts.

3. Flipboard-this app plops your facebook into a magazine format showing all the photos and updates.

4. Star Walk-this app you point your iPad to the sky and it labels everything for you. This is a fantastic astronomy app. This app has been labeled as an educational app but it is just and entertaining too.

5. Sketchbook pro-this app allows artists to create masterpieces but simple enough for kids and adults to play and have fum for hours.

6. Netflix-this app allows you to watch movies, the list is limitless.

7. Fruit Ninja HD-this app is a fun game that you swipe your finger across the screen and cut the fruit in half when it flies by. Hit a bomb and your days are numbered.

8. Instapaper-this app allows you to store articles that you really want to read but don’t have to time right then. You can store them and read them when you have time.

9. Pandora Radio-this app lets you browse songs and artists. You can use it as a personalized radio station. You will love this app if you love music.

10.-Evernote- this app allows you to store notes, voice memos, photos and so many other things. Everyone needs reminders this is a great way to keep up with everything you need to do.

The iPad is great, there is very little you cannot do with the iPad. Get your personal life and business life organized and you can play games and have fun too. You just can’t go wrong with the iPad.

How to shop for the best price on iPad?

Are you on the lookout for an iPad that will not strain your wallet? You surely can get a couple of such deals. The only thing you need to do is shop around for the best price on iPad. This product designed by Apple is surely a wonder. It is a magical wonder because it is a concoction of many applications. It has Bluetooth, movie rentals, long lasting battery life, iPod, photo frame, e-reader, Netbook, and 3G wireless. It is affordable and comes at a price as low as USD$499.

Prior to it being launched, Apple lovers were too eager to know what the price would be. And everyone was of the idea that it would cost a fortune. It was a welcome surprise for the Apple loyalists when this tablet computer was finally launched and the price was declared.

Ranging from backlit display to its sleek architecture, this is definitely a gadget that every Apple fan would love to own. This also holds true for anyone who loves handling sleek, user friendly devices. It allows you to read a book while you are on the move, send and receive mails, and remain connected with your peers worldwide.

There are many reasons for which you ought to own one. One of the main factors that have made it a good buy is undoubtedly its batteries. There are 2 large batteries that last for more than 10 hours. So, even if you don’t have access to a charger, you can be rest assured that it can pull along for 10 long hours.

How to enhance performance of iPad?

The performance of iPad can be enhanced by downloading iWork, which is also referred to as Apple’s productivity suite. This can be downloaded from Apple’s iStore. This will help you to work better with Microsoft documents.

So, before you finally settle for the iPad make sure you have decided upon the enhancements you would like as add-ons and you’re able to find the best price on iPad.  Generally speaking, the technical specifications are as follows-

ü  Processor is Apple A4 1 Ghz

ü  Weight is 1.5 lbs

ü  Height is 9.6 inches

ü  Depth is 0.5 inches

ü  Width is 7.5 inches

ü  Flash Memory is 16 GB Integrated

ü  Supported Digital Video Formats MPEG-4 SP (up to 640X480)

ü  Supported Digital Audio Formats WAV, MP3, Audible, Apple Lossless, AAC, AIFF

ü  Supported Still Image Formats JPEG, TIFF, PPTX, PPT, GIF

ü  Supported format for Ebook DOC, HTML, TXT, DOCX, RTF, PDF

ü  Type of Input device is touch screen

ü  Wireless Connectivity comprises IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11n, IEEEE802.11a, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, IEEE802.11b

Where to get the best price on iPad?

In order to get the best price, visit any Apple Computer dealer operating locally. It is important to buy from a local store. This is because should you face problems with the device, you can always approach the dealer. Alternatively, you can also buy your stuff online. Visit different shopping websites, compare prices, compare the follow up services and the shell out your hard earned dollars.